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Town Farm Gardens can make an everyday meal even better. Or we can help turn one of your own recipes into that special food that you become famous for. Not sure what to do? Try some our favorites here.

TFG Buffalo Mac & Cheese

You can't go wrong with cheese, bacon, and caramelized onions in our spicy Mac & Cheese.  Our Howlin' Good Hot Sauce is the perfect complement to this awesome dish.  It ...Read more

Easy Rattlesnake Pasta

      Make a delicious main course in just 15 minutes! Using mostly premade ingredients, you can put together a family pleasing dish in no time. It’s satisfying, good ...Read more

Steak Fajita Verde

This is a super quick, but delicious, recipe for steak dinner that is not your usual meat and potatoes.  Our tangy Salsa Verde gives the meat a wonderful extra flavor.  ...Read more

Chicken Verde Enchilada

Think you can’t make an authentic Mexican dish for dinner? Try this easy Chicken Verde Enchilada recipe. The secret is the Town Farm Gardens Salsa Verde and it’s already made ...Read more

Stuffed Cherry Peppers

This is a super easy and quick appetizer (or snack) that always impresses.  Only a few ingredients, most of which are probably already in your fridge or pantry.  We love ...Read more

Sundae Jam Crumble

You have never made a easier, or more delicious, cookie.  These jam bars are perfect for a novice baker.  We used our Sundae in a Jar jam (Strawberries, Raspberries, and ...Read more

Buffalo Chicken Dip

One of Laurie's cousins gave us this one.  We tried it and loved it so much, we almost didn't get the pictures!  It's spicy and creamy; and the Howlin' Good ...Read more

Easiest Appitizer Ever!

We brought this one to a Holiday get-together.  Took us less than five minutes to prepare.  I think it was gone in less than five minutes, too.  Had guests stopping ...Read more

Spiced Grilled Chicken with Mango Salsa

Let's face it, grilled chicken can be pretty boring.  But a few spices and some Town Farm Gardens Mango Salsa, and you have a meal that will amaze!  It's also ...Read more

Grilled Scallops with Bacon and Spicy Blueberry Sauce

This recipe is courtesy of one of our customers at a farmers' market.  He had purchased our Blazin' Blueberry Jam from us and used it several time as a glaze.  ...Read more